Employee Tracker is a true out of the box online time and attendance system which uses some of the latest GPRS time and attendance terminals.

We supply you with the terminals pre-configured to use with our online time and attendance system where you can then add in your employee information and Site information into your unique account.

The system will give you your employee’s clocking information no matter where your site is or no matter where you are viewing it from as long as you have web access.

The terminals transmit your staff’s times across the mobile phone network to our servers allowing you to have multiple sites covered with one easy to use solution.

All terminals are purchased from us so that we can make sure you get a fully working terminal, all you need to do is plug it in and use your employee tracker account to add your users.

The system allows you to view your employee’s monthly report which can also be downloaded to a csv file (can be opened in most common spread sheet
packages) which you could then send to your accountants as a record of your employee’s times.

The terminals us an iButton which your staff just tap on the terminal as they start and finish there shift, we supply the terminal with the mobile phone sim’s and this is all covered in the monthly
charge for using the system.

staff time sheet